Radio Show Love Guns & Freedom 7 27 2014

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lucazanna 28 July 2014

First Hour FREEDOM:
First part of the first hour, exclusive interview with former AZ State Senator Karen Johnson.
She is the first elected AZ official who has denounced the dangers of Weather Modification (aka Chemtrails) and openly stated that 9/11 was a "false flag" operation.

Second part of the first hour, interview with Mohave County Supervisor Candidate, Mr. Al Dicco and his main campaign points regarding property rights and individual rights.

Second hour GUNS:

During the second hour of today's broadcast Luca Zanna will share the 6 steps of how to shoot a rifle... and the importance of becoming a rifleman. Broadcasting from his private range shooting at 25 yards with his ruger 10/22 with iron sight hitting 1 square inch, 4 MOA.

Second Part of the second hours, back into the studio with some important news and music.

Third Hour LOVE:

Meet a great Freedom Loving Single, a great lady who loves the US Constitution and to have fun... Robin from Illinois...
and learn how to cook with the Solar Oven: Baked potatoes !!

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