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24 hours a day you'll find a community of friendly singles who believe in Freedom hanging out in our Chat Room.

We offer Instant Messaging, with Voice and Video Greetings so you can meet someone in real time.... FREE!

Or, if you feel more comfortable, send an Email. Write a little about yourself, and take the first step towards finding a new relationship.

Narrow your search with our handy Keyword Search. Love to scuba dive? Enjoy traveling? Or maybe you just like relax at home and read a good book. Just type it in and find out who else shares your passion!

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Our Community
This is more than just a dating site... it is a community where I hope you meet new friends and like minded people to join together and share the same values of Freedom.
I offer you all this FREE for you... but nothing is free... somebody has always to pay. I rely on donations and sponsorships... but more important I rely on your voluntary support. One of the ways I can afford to support FreedomLovers.TV it is with people supporting my music.
Go to www.Zanna.US and feel free to download any of my "Freedom" oriented songs that I wrote and produced... for just .99 Cents you can download any of my songs... and support this site.

Success Stories

Whether it was love at first sight, an interesting first date, a marriage proposal, a wedding, a first child, or simply something that felt like a premonition of good things to come, we can't keep up with the thousands of success stories our members have sent to us over the past decade.

If you need any proof that our site works, feel free to take a look at our huge collection of happy stories and photos, written with love by excited our site members who thank us for helping them find the special person they'd been searching for. Our our site success stories serve as inspiration to others all over the world who desire a similar romantic fate.

Read our success stories or start your search to find someone.

Our Goal

At our site, we don't tell you what type of relationship is right for you. Our goal is to broaden your social horizons, and our belief is that by meeting a variety of people, you will find that special someone. And that can happen a lot sooner than you think.

Millions of singles all over the world are drawn to our site. Some seek casual relationships while others search for great friendships that will stand the test of time. Many seek something more serious along with a love that will last a lifetime. Yet, regardless of the end result, we believe that...
Every relationship begins with a love.